Technical Documents

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Title Publication date File
High-Frequency Gravitational Wave Detection via Optical Frequency Modulation Download file
Quantum Advantage Seeker with Kernels (QuASK): a software framework to speed up… Download file
Determining probability density functions with adiabatic quantum computing Download file
Resource Saving via Ensemble Techniques for Quantum Neural Networks Download file
Gravitational Wave Backgrounds from Colliding ECOs Download file
Mixed Quantum–Classical Method for Fraud Detection With Quantum Feature Selecti… Download file
Quantum phase detection generalisation from marginal quantum neural network mod… Download file
Finite-size criticality in fully connected spin models on superconducting quant… Download file
Conditional Born machine for Monte Carlo events generation Download file
IBM Quantum Platforms: A Quantum Battery Perspective Download file
Quantum computing of the 6Li nucleus via ordered unitary coupled cluster Download file
Quantum neural networks force fields generation Download file
From bits to qubits Download file
Quantum integration of elementary particle processes Download file
Efficient Representation for Simulating U(1) Gauge Theories on Digital Quantum … Download file
Hybrid quantum classical graph neural networks for particle track reconstruction Download file
Style-based quantum generative adversarial networks for Monte Carlo events Download file
CERN QTI roadmap Download file
On a Poset of Quantum Exact Promise Problems Download file
A Report on Teaching a Series of Online Lectures on Quantum Computing from CERN Download file
Higgs Analysis with Quantum Classifiers Download file
Quantum Machine Learning in High Energy Physics Download file
Dual-Parameterized Quantum Circuit GAN Model in High Energy Physics Download file
Quantum Track Reconstruction Algorithms for non-HEP applications Download file
Quantum Generative Adversarial Networks in a Continuous-Variable Architecture t… Download file
On Protocols for Increasing the Uniformity of Random Bits Generated with Noisy …
A Study of The Performance of Classical Minimizers in the Quantum Approximate O…
Application of Quantum Machine Learning using the Quantum Variational Classifie… Download file
Performance of Particle Tracking Using a Quantum Graph Neural Network Download file
A Quantum Graph Neural Network Approach to Particle Track Reconstruction Download file
Particle Track Reconstruction with Quantum Algorithms Download file