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CERN and IBM: a Quantum Hub for Scientific Research

In June 2021, CERN has become a quantum hub in partnership with the IBM Q-Network and is now welcoming new hub members. The mission of the CERN hub is to explore promising applications of quantum computing for high-energy physics and other sciences together with academia and research institutes in CERN Member States. It is structured as a collaborative hub of members and projects. The move gives CERN and the Hub members their own dedicated access to IBM’s Quantum fleet of more than 20 quantum computers.

Other IBM Quantum Hubs include Keio University in Japan, Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU) in South Korea, the University of Melbourne in Australia, Université of Sherbrooke in Canada, Bundeswehr University in Germany, National Taiwan University and University of Minho in Portugal. In the future, the hubs are likely to be sharing tools, experiences, and best practices to boost the rapidly emerging field of quantum information science.

Quantum computing may play a significant role in helping us to expand our knowledge beyond the standard model, exploring the many open questions related to issues such as dark matter, dark energy, the relationship between gravity and quantum mechanics, and more.

-- Alberto Di Meglio, Coordinator of CERN QTI

How to join

As the Hub manager, CERN is welcoming research institutes in high-energy physics (HEP) and other sciences, as well as research departments of companies within its Member States. The Hub provides access to researchers to the IBM cloud-based quantum simulators and computers and allows building expertise on quantum computing and deploy R&D projects. 

New institutes and research centres are invited to join as individual members with their own dedicated research plan or to partner with other members of the hub on specific projects, either already underway or new ones. 

For more details and/or membership requests, please contact us via this form:

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